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5 - Highland Valley

Beginner-friendly course in Logan Lake

This course was built in 2023 and is provided by the Highland Valley Outdoor Association. The primary volunteers for creating this course are Connie and Keith Scott, make sure to send a big thank you their way!

The Course

- Directions:

Head to the Bookworm Bed & Breakfast and then take the dirt road (go slow) up the hill.

(Follow the Ski Trails signage)

Address: 19 Breccia Dr, Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0

- Amenities (Washroom, recyclables, lost disc box)

Note that the washroom on site is an open pit outhouse

- The Course is a one pad and one pin course. Don’t have to go far to get to the next pad!

Course Map


- Pin / Pad Proximity

There are a few places on the course where the next pad and pin/basket are in close proximity.

Please have the next card either acknowledge you are throwing or wait for them to clear their

current pad.

- Barbwire

There is some barbwire located on the course, primarily on 1,2 and 16. There is 2 meter relief

from it and if your disc goes over it on hole 1 or 2 please use the gate to get into that area.

- Fire – Trees, Roots, Hazard

Logan Lake recently went through a major forest fire that goes through part of this property.

This has created some large swaths of ground that are unstable due to the roots being burnt.

Please take caution if you find yourself off the fairway.

- Wildlife (Cows, Wild Horses, Coyote, Bears, Deer)

The course frequently has the animals listed above wandering through.

Please do not approach them if they are on the course.

Power in Numbers

Life Time Rounds

2023 Rounds

Rounds are from Udisc ONLY. Multiple 3x for actual

Volunteers Hours

Course Gallery

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