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February Newsletter

Chase S

Feb 17, 2024

February Events, Offers, and Updates!

- TCO, Ice Bowl, Chilly Chains.
- Squatch Bag Offer

Tournament Capital Open 2024 - Friday to Sunday, June 14-16, 2024


Hello all KDGC Members!


Here is a reminder that the Tournament Capital Open is happening again this June 2024 and that early registration is now open! Everyone who registers early gets a sweet and exclusive TCO G.O.A.T. Towel and lanyard! Register now on Discgolfscene and stay tuned in for open registration and for more announcements. 


If you are planning to play the TCO and you do not have your PDGA membership or renewed yet, you can use the KDGC affiliate code of 240QWAFF to get a discount on a yearly membership!


Did you know that last year's TCO had filmed coverage of FPO's final round and MPO's three rounds? You did not! Go check out Parked Pro's Youtube Channel to see the coverage! This show cases some of Canada's top talent on our home turf. 


Also, did you know Thomas Gilbert is making a re-appearance and that Scott Stockley is planning to come? Freakin' awesome!


Chilly Chains Challenges


Feb 10th, McArthur Island hosted the final chapter of the Chilly Chains Challenges. 52 players came out and competed over nine divisions and had a great day of competition. The chili lunch, donated by disc golf Mom Fran deVries, was a great way to keep warm between rounds. We just squeaked this one out before the return of winter! All four Chilly Chains events brought just over $2000 to the KDGC in funds raised and allowed players to compete and push their ratings through the winter months.


Tournament Director Elizabeth deVries is thankful for all the player support, especially to those nine people who played all four events, and excitement and is already planning other events and plotting next winter's Chilly Chains Chapters.



Tournaments coming up in our area

There are two tournaments coming up that have their registrations opening soon:

Duck Golf #7.5 - McArthur Island Discgolf Course, Kamloops BC registration opens February 19, 2024 at 8:00pm. Tournament date is April 13, 2024.

Who doesn't love a good old birdie fest show down at Mac?

Mukluk Open - Highland Valley Copper Discgolf Course, Logan Lake, BC registration opens February 27 at 6:00pm. Tournament date is April 6, 2024.

This is some unsanctioned fun, mini games and more to help fundraise course number 3 in Logan Lake!

Mark your calendars for these dates to ensure you register for the events


Another grant awarded to the KDGC

A massive thank you to the Kamloops Sports Legacy fund for their $5,500 grant towards improvements to be later unveiled! Stay tuned for more on this!


Reminder 22nd Annual KDGC Ice Bowl

This coming today and tomorrow, Feb 17 and 18, 2024 we have a charity event, the 22nd KDGC Ice Bowl. 

Saturday evening at the Sports Council Building at McArthur Island is the Club Social and Silent Auction.

Sunday morning is the wacky rules 18 hole round at McArthur with a 10:00am shot gun start! 

Check out Discgolfscene for more info and see you there!



One of our ongoing goals is to grow our clubs membership. Truthfully, everything we do is ONLY possible with a strong membership base. While it might not seem like a lot at $30 for membership, it goes further than most might think in making sure we have great courses and a healthly club. We grow only through you all sharing as the sport and community grows. Thank you for growing our club! 


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