Who are we?


When I (Thomas) was just becoming a club member, I met the, then president, Ben. I asked him what the KDGC does. He said two things that stood out. Grow the sport of Disc Golf, and grow the KDGC.


A couple years have passed, and those two statements are truer today, than we he first shared them with me. 

Yes we have a new president, larger board, and Covid restrictions around tournaments. But, the Board's singular focus is to provide resources for our Members of the KDGC, and build a bigger, stronger, and more prevalent presence in our Kamloops community, to grow the KDGC and the sport of Disc golf.

Our goal and hope is to have the KDGC be one of the recognizable, awesome clubs in Kamloops, and in doing so support our growing clubs numbers with resources and empowerment in the sport we all love. 

So with that. We have set a Huge goal for the club this year. #KDGC200. 200 Members in the KDGC by then end of the 2021 season (Sept 15th 2021)!!


Can we? Definitely.

Will We? Its up to every single one of our awesome members. To share this sport with new players, encourage local casual players to check out the KDGC. We are better together, and the club is always looking for new members and input to make us better! Don't forget we have a new refer-a-member policy - the member who refers the most new members this year will get a free pro membership for 2022.


The board will do all it can to provide resources, programs, and support to growing out club, but it takes a village.

Love you all!

~KDGC Board