To all disc golfers:


With the Covid-19 pandemic intensifying locally and around the globe the Kamloops Disc Golf Club would like to issue a public statement on the matter as it pertains to the sport and the courses in Kamloops.

The Kamloops Disc Golf Club Board Of Directors can no longer support or sanction group play on the courses in the city.

Playing in a small group of fewer than five people and keeping your distance from one another seems like a reasonable thing to do. The reality of the situation facing all of us needs to be respected for what it is , as anything other than reasonable. The virus is starting to make in roads to Kamloops and the surrounding area. As the President of the KDGC I would feel terrible if anyone contracted the virus because we continued to support group disc golf in the city.

The KDGC would like to ask every registered club member to please stop the practice of group play. At this stage we as a society simply can’t afford to take our actions lightly when it comes to the spread of this virus.

We obviously do not have the authority to stop people from disc golfing in groups , but the Kamloops Disc Golf Club Board Of Directors can simply no longer support the activity in any way.

Thank you. Take care of each other and be safe.

Chad Smoliak , President , Kamloops Disc Golf Club.