2022 KDGC Board Election Nominees

After a successful nomination round, we now have our board candidates for each of the 2022 Board positions. 


Below are each of the 11 positions, and the Candidates with their write ups, for each of them.

Get to know your 2022 KDGC Board

We look forward to seeing you all at our KDGC AGM Sunday Nov 7th - 12:30pm McArthur Island!

For live discussions, please use the KDGC discord, Channel "2022-Elections"

Executive Officer (Previously President)

Operations Officer (Previous VP Position)

Financial Officer (Previous Treasurer)

Special Events & Projects Officer (New)

Public Relations Officer (Previous Communications Position)

Membership Officer (New Position)

Maintenance Officer (Returning Position)

Fundraising Officer (New Position)

Events Officer - Clinics (New Position)

Events Officer - League (New Position)

Events Officer - Doubles (New Position)