Brett Hanna

KDGC: Member at Large

Hey, new board member here.

My name's Brett Hanna. New to Kamloops in the last two years, married to my wife Avery, soon to be father and have an awesome dog you might see out at Rose Hill named Winnie. (I promise I pick up her poop). My disc golf journey started like many. What can I do during Covid? I live at work, I mean work from home and needed something to save my sanity. Over the past year I've carded over 130 rounds so it's safe to say I'm hooked. I've always been a committed athlete and gave back where I could. I've played and coached soccer, hockey and lacrosse. In all of these sports its was truly evident that volunteers were what made those seasons so memorable and successful. I saw the effort that was required to just maintain the current courses and wanted to help out. The board has already expanded my knowledge of the game, and helped me understand the true nature of what makes disc golf so special in Kamloops. I'm happy to be given the opportunity to help in any way and looking forward playing with you all out on the course!

Cheers, Brett Hanna