Duncan Schulz

Director at Large

I started playing Disc Golf in 2012 which was very casual to start. I had an FL and a skeeter and I genuinely disliked both discs and the game in it’s entirety.

It wasn’t until I was given a 163 Nuke from a Kamloops legend (DJ) who has since passed a way. Getting a lighter weight disc changed my game, I learned proper technique and timing. Not only did DJ point me in the right direction he also introduced me to the KDGC, specifically Wednesday doubles. The first Night I went to I witnessed an Ace and took home first place.

Competition is what I live for and after injuries caught up to me causing me to quit playing hockey this was the Sport I was going practice at. Chris Wilson was a major influence on how far I have gone with this game. He introduced me to the Interior Doomsday Series which was tournament series for the interior of BC. To start the season there was a Saturday Sunday combined event with the end of Duck Golf (Vancouver’s tour) and the start of Doomsday. Wilson convinced me to play in both, I started in intermediate for the Duck Golf and won so the following day I played advanced and won again. That season I finished 5 for 5 in advanced tying a record also set by Chris Wilson. In that season I also competed in Canadians finished 2nd one shot back of the title which drove me too more work and practice into my game and Turing professional the following season.


Since that time I’ve competed against the worlds best all over the world including a stop at the USDGC. I have had so much support from so many special people and would not be where I am today without them.

If you see me on the course at any point don’t be hesitant to ask me a question and anything disc golf related.