Jan 28

I know the City Counselor vote is tomorrow, but heard in the radio this morning the disc golf course / nature park is happening! 👍 😊

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Ben Laidlaw
Jan 28

We hope so! We will find out tomorrow!

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  • scoers
    Sep 12

    Hi folks. I stumbled across disc golf on YouTube and it looks like fun. Is there anywhere in Kamloops to rent a set of disc’s to try it out? I don’t want to invest in a huge set before giving it a try. Any help/thoughts/suggestions to get me started?
    Aug 12

    Howdy! Wondering whether there are any stores in kamloops that sell disc golfs. Appreciate the info!
  • Carrie
    Mar 29, 2018

    This is great! Thank you to the members of the KDGC that put time in make this happen 😁