Darren 1

Darren Hamar

Director at Large


My first experience with disc golf was about 20 years ago, I played with some friends on their home made object course. It was through a forest back and forth over a stream on Vancouver Island, it was an awesome time to hang out with friends and enjoy a little Island beauty! I moved provinces and lost touch with the sport until a few years ago when fellow board member Thomas took me out to Rose hill along with some others we worked with…. Well long story short, I want to play everyday, my 10 year old son plays, and my wife and I will go play date rounds! Not to mention…league, tournaments, winter putting league, and any other form of disc golf I can play!! …. I love the competitive side of disc golf, and the complete inclusivity of the sport and the welcoming, encouraging community that go along with it.

I have been playing with the club for the last 2 seasons and enjoy learning all I can about the sport, and sharing what I do know with new players. I love helping fellow club and board members grow the sport and share our passion with future disc golfers. If you see me on the course ask to join the card, you’re always welcome!

~ Darren