Dani 3

Danielle Brandt

Director: Community Outreach

My boyfriend Ben Laidlaw introduced disc golf to me in 2016. Up until this year I was completely involved with finishing my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Biology at the end of 2019.  Now in 2020 I have more time to focus on the sport and become a better and more serious competitive player. This ability to focus has brought much joy and happiness from the community I am apart of.


The biggest goals of my position as Outreach Director is to bring the sport to more kids, especially school groups, and to reach out to more women since it is a male dominant sport. Coaching and teaching has always been a big strength and passion of mine because of my swim club background. Through swim club I completed many courses to coach multiple sports and to teach swim lessons. These courses also trained me as a lifeguard and working in this job has taught me the skills to interact with groups of people.


As a woman in this sport, I have a bigger appreciation of how important growing the sport is. Growing the sport for women and the appreciation of women in the sport has become a big topic in the community; therefore, I am here to work with board members to bring this topic to life.