Carrie 3.jpg

Carrie Neal

KDGC Treasurer

Best. Sport. Ever.
Outdoors, no tee times, free to play, family friendly and inclusive of all demographics!

I’ve been playing and volunteering in the sport for 20 years and that is the longest I’ve ever committed to any extracurricular activity! I’ve been a member of the KDGC board of directors in some capacity for those 20 years, at one time being the first female president of a disc golf club in western Canada. I have also sat in several positions with our provincial governing body, the BCDS.
On the course, no one cares what you do for a living, how big your house is etc. It’s all about the shared passion for the  sport!
I’ve been a beginner and  I’ve competed as a Pro at the World level. Throughout all of it, I knew I was with my people, my community!
As a tournament director for some of Canada’s largest events, it was exciting to see so many people come together in one place to compete, make new friends, connect with old friends and generally celebrate disc golf!
I will continue to grow the sport, encourage beginners and ensure that our community remains inclusive and fun!