Ben Laidlaw

KDGC: Vice President

My journey to disc golf actually starts in another sport. From a young age, my ultimate-loving cousins had me throwing discs. They would come up for the Big Thirst tournament at McArthur Island every summer and I’d go watch their games. As a team bonding activity they would go up to Rose Hill and play a round of disc golf, and one year they gave me the discs they used - an Innova Stingray and an Orc. With those two discs I played my first rounds of disc golf - a cheap birthday party option for my mom at age 13, and a few object rounds at the Shuswap.


At age 16, I was able to finally play in the Big Thirst with them and played ultimate for a number of years until in first year university I saw those two discs lying around my house again, and thought I’d give disc golf a try again. This time it stuck. Disc golf was a great, cheap activity while I was in university.


I’ve now been playing since 2009, and competitively since 2012. While I enjoy the competitive side of the sport, my real passion lies in growing the game, introducing new players, and being a part of the community of disc golf. I hope to see many more people inspired by the cheap, accessible sport that I fell in love with. With our big push to get the McArthur Island disc golf course, I feel like my disc golf story has come back to where it all started, and I couldn’t be happier.